Hafa Adai from butler’s!

Hafa Adai (an island greeting)! Butler's was relocated to Sinajana, Guam after World War 2 and has remained at this location from that time. Previous to the war we were located in the Capital of Guam called Hagatna. Sometimes people refer to Hagatna as "Agana" The former spelling is the more politically correct. Guam is located approx. 12 degrees North Lattitude and 144 East Longitude. Guam is the southernmost and largest of the Marianas chain of 26 islands. The islands were "discovered" by Magellan in 1526 in his attempt to sail around the world. Guam became the property of the United States as "spoils of war" in a treaty signed after the Spanish American War of 1898.

The region is referred to as "mid Pacific". Every Asian ethnic is represented on this tiny island of 207 square miles along with European and Western groups making up a smaller portion of the population. Native Chamoru make up about 35 percent of the total population that is guessed to be around 100K Guam is approximately 6000 miles from Continental United States.

We use US Dollars as currency and come under the jurisdiction of the US Federal government. A local government also makes laws and employs a local work force. Guam is truly a unique place to live. The local people are friendly and there is always some issue being tossed about to keep everyone involved.

From all of us here at Butler's we extend to you the best of the Hafa Adai spirit.