We Got One Right

Sometimes we as an island do the right thing other times we show immaturity and a weakness for ending up on the wrong side of correct.

Did Guam show its better side rejecting a blatant attempt (disguised as benevolence) to redefine what is ethical and moral conduct in our election process?

I took a stand against the gambling proposal but not because I am against gambling. I am not.

I simply felt there is extreme inadequacy on the part of our local government to understand all of the ramifications of granting gaming licenses to an industry mostly misunderstood except by those who have a vested interest. Generally, the public does not have a complete grasp of which issues will be raised as a result of embracing Gambling.

Certainly it has worked and worked well in some places.

The people who understand this industry are very keen to understand the “House” in the long run is always favored to win. The question before the people was a simple one: would our island also “win” or again be sucked into the “Max Havoc syndrome”

When casino gambling was being established in Las Vegas the “rules” were simple and well understood and enforced! Cheating or stealing or unwanted conduct could end up with a ride out into the desert and a date with destiny! If this important issue had passed were we going to see an increase in crime? What innate problems come along with this industry? Or is regulation a trial and error process?

Until the next gaming challenge comes along, and it will, let’s use this time wisely.

Let’s not just rely on “experts” with a vested interest. Let’s study and do Research and hold public meetings listen to the people whose lives will be effected. Congratulations Guam! This time you showed maturity in rejecting “Prop B”